What’s the cost?


1 Chronicles 21:22-24

Sunday June 28th 2020

Then David said to Ornan, “Give me this threshing-floor plot so that I may build an altar to the Lord on it. Give it to me for the full price, so the plague on the people may be stopped.”


23 Ornan said to David, “Take it! My lord the king may do whatever he wants. See, I give the oxen for the burnt offerings, the threshing sledges for the wood, and the wheat for the grain offering I give it all.”


24 King David answered Ornan, “No, I insist on paying the full price, for I will not take for the Lord what belongs to you or offer burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”



  • A sacrifice must have value to the person offering it?….  
  • A Sacrifice must be given with the right heart!
  • The sacrifice for our Spiritual and National freedom MUST NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!


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