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I’m pastor Jon, the ministry of Headed home is designed to prepare you for that day we will all face, our last


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www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Acts 12:11-19 1) “Do you pray until something happens?” 2) “Don’t deny Gods power with your faithlessness!” 3) “The power of God should bless us, NOT astound us!”
August 14, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Acts 12:6-10 1) “God will do the delivering, BUT we must do OUR part!” 2) “Faith is demonstrated by actions!” 3) “Nothing can stop the delivering power of God!”
August 7, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Romans 12:9-12 1. Hypocritical love is NOT the display of true love! 2. Loving deeply shows the picture of your love for the Lord! 3. Diligence in the things of the Lord...
August 3, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Matthew 4:3-4 1-Temptation will question your identity! 2-Truth defines our identity!
July 31, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Acts 12:1-5 1) “The truth of the Gospel will invite persecution!” 2) “Innocent imprisonment is NOT out of Gods power to prevent!” 3) “Prayer is a powerful weapon!”
July 31, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org James 4:7-10 1-Staying in Gods presence insures the enemy will flee! 2-If you seek God you WILL find Him. 3-Put away pride and humble yourself, or you will be humbled!
July 27, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Matthew 4:1-2 1-Temptation will reveal our true heart quickly! 2-Temptation often comes when we are tired, hungry or week.
July 24, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Acts 11:27-30 1) “God could not provide if He was not ALL knowing!” 2) “If we see a need we can meet and walk away, we sin!” 3) “Excuses or faith in action is an everyda...
July 24, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Psalms 46:1-5 1-Who is your refuge? 2-What do you do when the walls start closing in? 3-No matter what God will make a way!
July 20, 2022
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Psalm 63:1-5 1-A thirst for Gods presence results in being fulfilled. 2- Lips that bless the Lord know the peace of the Lord! 3- The joy of the Lord will satisfy with st...
July 17, 2022

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