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I’m pastor Jon, the ministry of Headed home is designed to prepare you for that day we will all face, our last


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www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Haggai 1:3-11 1.How is your spiritual house? 2.Stop the earthly focus and turn it on what matters! 3-Complacency and apathy invite pain and judgment! obedience equals Go...
April 14, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Proverbs 28:12-14 1-Righteousness brings peace, wickedness brings fear and uncertainty 2-Uncover your Sin so God will cover it! 3- Humble yourself so God does not have to...
April 11, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Psalm 69:7-9 Sunday April 11th 2021 1) If you do not suffer shame and insult for the name of Jesus Christ, you are not living LOUD enough! 2) Following Jesus Christ may ...
April 11, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Luke 4:31-32 1-Followers of Christ should be sharing the hope of Jesus Christ! 2-Are people amazed at your passion for Jesus Christ? 3-Do you share the truth of Jesus Ch...
April 7, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Ephesians 2:1-9 Easter Sunday April 4th 2021 We Rejoice Because? If Jesus had NOT conquered HELL AND DEATH, RIGHT NOW WE WOULD BE HOPELESS! We Rejoice Because? Jesus love...
April 4, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org 2 Timothy 3:16 1-Either all scripture is God breathed or none of it is! 2-All of God's word is useful to shape, mold, correct, and convict! 3-There is no other standard ...
March 24, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Arms held high ! Exodus 17:8-13 1-Ministry is like facing one Amelek after another! 2-We cannot do it alone! 3-Who is holding your arms?
March 22, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org 1 Cor 2:12-14 1-The spirit of the world is contrary to the Lord! 2-True wisdom is from the Holy Spirit! 3-Without the spirit all wisdom is foolishness!
March 21, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Psalm 69:5-6 1) Hiding from God only hurts us, HE knows EVERYTHING! 2) Don’t let unrepentant sin be a stumbling block to others! 3) Teach others to follow Jesus NOT you!....
March 21, 2021
www.longviewbaptistchurch.org Luke 7:36-47 1-Have you been forgiven much? 2-Live like one who has been forgiven much! 3-Love like one who has been forgiven much!
March 17, 2021

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